Santa's wonderland resort

Date: 12/08/2015

Author: Ellle

Lot size :40x40

Festive lot was built on the eve of the Catholic Christmas especifically for sims-parties.

Lot type: resort, therefore, to make it work you need to supplement "Island Paradise". Otherwise it can be made as a large park or base camp. If you want a resort tower can be replaced by rabbit hole rug.

On the lot:

  • Main building:
    • 1 floor: dining room, kitchen and living room with a bar
    • 2 floor: VIP-rooms with private bathrooms
  • small tearoom
  • playhouse for children
  • billiard room
  • rink
  • dancing in the open air
  • teeter
  • outdoor darts
  • brazier with benches for rest
  • a separate house, which is located in the basement of the tower of the resort.

All festive custom content downloaded from the site, except:

Attention: The lot was checked in the game before uploading to the site. Everything works correctly. Table decorations do not interfere with the characters while eating. In the game, I set the price of services at the resort, the kind of foodservice and the locks on the doors to the VIP-room and hired staff. If the settings removes, then you will have to do it all again yourselves. Enjoy your game!

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