Malfoy manor

Date: 09/28/2014 12:11:00 AM

Author: Ellle

Lot size :40x50

Malfoy Manor - is an old four-storeyed mansion. His prototype - Hardwick Hall, on the architectural features of which I relied  while its construction.

1 floor – two-storeyed main hall with a large two-storeyed fireplace. Left wing - kitchen, pantry, room for brooms. From pantry you can go down to the basement. Right wing - two rooms for servants with private bathrooms, laundry room, another pantry.

2 floor – dining room, living room, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

3 floor – long gallery, 3 bedrooms, bathroom, small living room, large living room and magic laboratory.

4 floor – turrets. Turrets in the right and left wings have a spiral staircase with access to the roof. The remaining 4 small turrets are also a small room. I made ​​them empty, but you can arrange as you like. For example, to make a small bedroom or any room of your choice.

Cellar – wine cellar and a secret room.

CC content (included):

Portraits from Hardwick hall collection by Ellle

Stony and tapestry patterns by Ellle

Small turrets Cyclonesue

Damask fabrics set № 1 и set № 2, patterns from Indian silk collection

Large fireplace with Malfoys' crest by Severinka

White peacock by Severinka Attention!!! I packed ao old peacock with the house (you can see it on 29th slide) and the new one (on 34th slide) you can download from this link

Candles from christmas set № 3 by Severinka

Flowers by Cliosims 

CC content (not included):

Tapesty sets by Ellle with a help of Awen set №1set №2set №3

Pans and pots by AnoeshkaB

Time to bake set by  Simcredible

Large plates by Eddielle

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