French house

Date: 08/16/2014 08:07:00 PM

Author: Ellle

Lot size :30x30

My favorite place to stay in The Sims 3 is France. During the trip there, one of my families bought a house. After a long period, it was renpvated and decorated.

This is three-storey house, which has everything you need for a good holiday at any time of the year.

On the lot:swimming pool, summer kitchen, jacuzzi and tennis table.

1 floor: large living room (which has several zones - for playing games and watching TV, tea and relax by the fireplace, music lessons, there are also places for animals), kitchen with dining room (there is also a place for the furnace). The kitchen is designed in such a way that there is enough space for all the kitchen appliances.

2nd floor: 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, karaike zone with music instruments.

3rd floor: billiard, gaming zone for children and teenagers, and a bar.

Basement:sauna, laundry facilities, winery and a workshop.

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