Luxury chalet

Date: 11/15/2014 02:50:00 PM

Author: Ellle

Lot size :40x30

This three-story houseis an illustration to our article about chalet style. It's perfect for relaxing or living in such cities as Hidden Spring for example. 

1 floor: living-room + kitchen + dining zone. Sauna and laundry.

2 floor: 2 bedrooms, bathroom, living-room.

3 floor: bedroom, bathroom, living-room.

There are two terraces in the house.

And also an attic where you can create any room you want. I created another one room for relaxing.

There is also a small zone for you dog with a dog house.

CC (included):

Roof beams by MsBarrows

Ceiling beams by Severinka

Justa column by cyclonesue

Dried herbs by Severinka

Rug by jomsims

Objects from Christmas set by Severinka

Pillows от Severinka

Книги от Severinka

Flowers from Flower market by

Alpine photo set by Ellle

San Orlando windows by Lillebou

Flowers от MK

Potted herbs by Simcredible

Hanging flowers by cliosims

Content not included:

Kitchen decor and tableware by

Farmhouse objects by cashcraft

Tapestry by Ellle

Unfortunately, this roof was removed by author from one site long ago so you can download it from our site here

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