All good things come to an end

Sonya and David came back home in a good mood, full of plans and absolutely happy! And how could it be different? They are together and beloved pets are nearby. What to wish more? Happy people and happy family.

But apparently this cup was too full. Because the next morning, when the hosts were already up , the doorbell rang. A gray-looking man was standing putside the door with a prescription in hand. He said the following: «Mr. Reynolds and Miss Johnson, we've got a message in our organization that you mistreat animal. In this regard, you may no longer contain them "».

Then he handed the document to the dumbfounded David and his assistants began to waggon pets. Every single one !


This is a nightmare ! What is it ? The guys could not believe it. It is they who abused animals? Well, it's bullshit ! Sonia burst into tears : " What about our dogs ? They will die of boredom!" And David thought that he's a cop. He'll figure out how to resolve this issue.

David began to calm Sonya. Wiped her tears ...

... And then went on his bike to a stud farm . Needed to talk to his master - David's friend.

Sonya also pulled herself together and flew in an equestrian center.

David's friend was not there. He went to another city for a new stallions and has not yet returned. But the sixth sense was telling David , something is fishy.

And so they decided that Sonya will stay here and will be watching this place.

He went to the city shelter.

Sonya has set for a long time and she managed to overhear the conversation of the groom and caretaker. They talked about profitable little business. And our foureyes are smart enough. He knew what to do. And now we should work a lot in the Den». Sonya could not hear more and she returned home. And a little later David returned too.

He said that there aren't their pets in the shelter. An administrator also said that they didn't receive calls and didn't leave the shelter today. And Sonya told him about the conversation she overheard. So they decided Sonya will search the information in the net all that she could find. And they dicedid to find out who was that foureyes.

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