What to expect from dating?

Have you ever visited dating sites ? No, of course, if you have no problems in your personal life and you have not received an assignment from any magazine to write an article about them, then most likely you are not interested in this topic. While it may be you just out of curiosity visited this site and think it was stupid, who knows?

But in any case  we are not talking about you. It is about those who are not so lucky and who  visites such sites. The reasons may be different: someone is looking for a couple, and someone just having fun. Yes it may be so. Which group includes our heroes? Decide yourself .

Braden Palmeo-Jones

Young, ambitious person. Representative of the famous dynasty Palmeo - Jones, grandson of the famous singer and musician, I would say actually the discoverer of our showbiz, Parker Palmeo - Jones.

Traits: stardom, secular handsome, perfectionist, athlete, conservationist

Llikes: soul music, Goopy Carbonara, bright pink color

So, it all started with his letter to the site:

"Actually, I was looking for intimate encounters website but ran into a dating service. Well, okay. I do not have problems with girls, but frankly, I am tired of living in Barnacle  and the lady 'shere are not for me. They're too simple. Let I tell you about myself.

Braden my name, I was born in Barnacle Bay in the family of the famous tycoon Tom and his wife Laura - the owner of a network of restaurants. I finished sports school and plan to dedicate my life to the sport and become a major player in the major league. So I am looking for a sporty girl and without bad habits. Currently I live with my parents in their mansion, as well I still have one older brother who lives alone and has five brothers and sisters, who also live with us. So, dear girls, just forget about living in their mansion.

It would be desirable in the future to live in Newport, although not essential. Then there will be a place where to go on the weekend. I love the nightlife and love to appear in public. By the way, yes,my girl should not be hysterical and jealous, such girl will be sent immediately. In general, write letters, send your photos, preferably nude, or at least in a swimsuit .

In anticipation, Braden "

What do you think, could be unnoticed the appearance of this young, cute and pretty cheeky guy? Of course not. It responded immediately . However, different individuals, both look and age. Braden even went on a date. Which, however, cutted him down to size. So by the time he was a little disappointed and thinking that he would not find a girl here.

But once he gat another letter that hooked him. Why? Read for yourself!

Bon Jour, cherie!

I to read your letter and to understand that you interest me. I worked as a stylist and because frequent visits to clubs. Among my clients a lot of rich people , and ... oh , I'm so tired of rich potbellied men who strive ... Well, you understand ! But you seem very nice to me and I think that we could have a wonderful time.

By the way I to write you have to understand that I to come from another country. But no I do not think it will be a problem for us. After all, for the love the words are not needed. So you are talking that?

I to live in Newport at the penthouse. If you to come to me, I will show you the city and much more interesting.

And... you talk about the photo in a swimsuit ? Well, I have something best.

Waiting for an answer, cherie!


Justine Duroy

Traits: flirty, motorist, enthusiastic, career woman, an artist

Likes: black color, pancakes andfrench music

Of course, Braden was not slow to reply. So they started to corresponde. Justine did not quite understand all the subtleties of Braden's humor, also because of her poor language skills. But in the end he went to her to Newport. On their first date.

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