Life is excellent!

The morning after the wedding ceremony the young went on journey. In Sanlit Tides. Again.

They arrived late at night so went to sleep at once.

The first morning of their honeymoon began with a surprises. Justine found a flood near the bed. Once thought about Willy . And, of course, scolded him.

But it wasn't his fault. It was a sink

So they had to apologize long.

As soon as they fixed it, they went to swim. They сhose a far beach where almost no one there. In the farthest corner of the island.

But it was not interesting to swim near the shore. Even with sharks. So they decided to swim across the bay.

But they overrated their strenght. Braden nearly drown. So they didn't swim across the bay and get out somewhere on the other side of the island.

Thanks, God! All are alive! I do not advice to someone to

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