Star Promoters Sims Anniversary

Date: 05.09.2015

Star Promoters Sims Anniversary

Hello, dear friends!

We cannot but share the latest good news. Some time ago, our friends, organized a community Star Promoters Sims, invited our sims to celebrate its Anniversary – 1 year.

For reference: Star Promoters Sims organizes various festivals and events related to the Sims. Each event is organized on a new lot which is created especially for this event. And all the guests arrives here. And no matter what you prefer - The Sims 3 or The Sims 4, you can participate in any event.

This time the festival was held in the new building - SPS Celebrate Gallery (Architector – Liric Spring) - 03 - 04 of September.

There were many guests at the celebration. Under the flashes of cameras all of them photographed on the red carpet. Our company – Gifford family - Henrietta and Daniel (Ellle) and Haley Gerard (Awen) was there too. Despite the fact that we previously received invitations many times we could only arrive at this time. And do not regret it!

It was nice to see a lot of beautiful and familiar faces. A retrospective of all the events organized by Star Promoters Sims this year came before our eyes: Aloha Luau, Celebration of diversity, Halloween Kids, Halloween Dark Night Party, Dia Mundial da Luta Contra a AIDS, A Dream of Christmas, Star Marine Revellion, Star Folia 2015.

All evening we were accompanied by wonderful music, which was provided by organizers - Liric Spring, Vivi Roberts and DJ Thomas J Chee.

We cannot but note that especially for our ceremony well-known author Irina Severinka created a statuette which will now be awarded to each winner as a reward for winning the. This is another nice touch and a gift from the organizers.

And we took part in the drawing of lottery tickets Bingo. We appreciated how all this was arranged and so much work was spent!

So, dear girls - Liric Spring and Vivi Roberts - thank you very much for such a great work and for the fact that you gave so many of us such a great and happy holiday! We got a lot of pleasure and positive emotions! Thanks to everyone who came - our new and old friends. It was nice to see you all!

Especially for the post-release, we have prepared a photo album Star Promoters Sims Anniversary, where we gathered the photos from all the events.

In conclusion, we say that the next Event - Oktoberfest will be in October, the 1st. We are also invited there and will certainly go! And, no doubt, will tell you all about it then!

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Last comment for Art

Лиля, привет!

Рада, что ты присоединилась к ресторанному бизнесу))) Я уже тоже поиграла, правда, не свой бизнес, а просто ходили в ресторан. Лично у меня ничего не зависало. Заказывали по 2 раза блюда и всё принесли, включая напитки. Но, вот, что я заметила, касательно бизнеса в принципе. Тут он вообще занимает очень много времени. У моих пекарня, мы её активно развиваем. Я обязательно потом обо всем расскажу и покажу. Но работники зависают, это да. На многих приходится орать.

А вот за полезную информацию отдельное спасибо! Я этого не знала, покане сталкивалась. Очень пригодится на будущее! :D
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