I haven't been here for ages but now it's time for the news.

My sims world changed and for a long time I am in The Sims 4. All my sims continue living there. The Sims 3 is in the past. Thanx to it. And now all the news are in my blog. And I will continue posting my CC here.

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Where to find inspiration?  In the books and music, photos and paintings ... After all, sometimes the smallest detail can give an unexpected idea.





Photogallery news

Unforgettable Lucky Palms


What I really like in The Sims 3, this is a large number of stunningly beautiful worlds, each of them is beautiful in its own way. And, of course, much depends on the talent of the person who makes these pictures.

Lucky Palms - is quite a specific world, mainly represented by the desert. And yet, even this city has its own charm.

Photoalbum by Gagusya is an example of how the right choice of the angle and successful composition creates amazing images that can be viewed here.


Decemberr issue 2016

Many more new decor and idea for you sims houses!

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