Magic forest

Date: 06/10/2015

Author: Ellle

Lot size :50x50

The moss-covered boulders, and twisted, ancient brambles of Wistman's Wood are haunted by tales of druids, ghosts, and supernatural spooks. While that is all myth, it's not hard to see why the forest is a magnet for such hokum.

When I saw some pictures of this wood, I decided to create a lot like this. And my magic forest saw the light.

On the lot: stone cave, a small lake and stream. Here you can walk, collect herbs and mushrooms, catching frogs in the pond. And you can visit the cave of a mountain troll and find the treasure.

Custom content (packed with the lot):

  • Hollow Bee Tree by Nylaba
  • Rotten log, stones and roots from Cypress swamp by sim_man123
  • Stones (though there aren't stones in the set I recolored round shrubs and they became fine stones with moss) by sim_man123

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Tags: Sims 3 park

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