Golden lotus yoga-spa center

Date: 05/26/2016

Author: Ellle

Lot size :40x40

When the Sims 4 addition "Spa & Yoga" came out, I wanted to build something like this for the Sims 3 too. So I decided to implement a new idea and to build a functional yoga-spa center. How it works I will explain in detail.

In order to get everything working, you need to read the description carefully and to set all these mods, which are listed below.

1st floor: hall - there is a register there when your sims can buy books (by default), but you can replace it with any other and will sell what you need. For example, candles, incense sticks, etc. 

The small space is reserved for tea tables, where your sims can just sit and drink tea after class. This works with mod tea table by pocci. So you need to download it first. 

Changing rooms, showers and toilets. 

Sauna and mud baths - two separate rooms, which are also operated by means of mods. The objects themselves are made on the basis of  The Store's Steam-it-up-sauna, mesh is divided into two functional parts, what is very convenient. Read more about the sauna - here.

Large hall for yoga with functional rugs which helps to improve sport skills. Read more about the rugs - here.

2nd floor: a juice bar - this is the usual coffee bar, but modified for another interior (no sweets), changing rooms, showers and toilets, a small hall for yoga and ...

Massage room: massage tables are also made on the basis of  Infinite Zen massage table, but modified for the business. The author added a number of interactions that allow you to even open a massage salon. Details - here.

There are also an area for parking and  a small number of racks for bicycles.

Garden for meditation - a small green area in the open air with a small pond and fountains.

And finally, a small amount of content, which I used. It is divided into 2 groups - one is with conetent downloading with the lot and the other that you will need to download if desired.

Custom content:

Packed with the lot::

  • Murals «India» by Ellle
  • Paintings and posters "Yoga" set by Ellle
  • Bushes, spa décor, coffee bar by aroundthesims
  • Glasses and cups by ShinoKSR

Not packed with the lot:

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