Chalet Wild life

Date: 11/15/2014 05:02:00 PM

Author: Ellle

Lot size :30x30

This two-storey house is an illustration to our article about chalet style. I built it on the lake shore in Hidden Spring away from roads. of Я  его построила в потрясающе живописном, диком уголке на берегу озера в городке Хидден Спринг, подальше от дорог. You can get there only by walking.

1 floor: living-room, kitchen + dining room, bathroom. 

2 floor:  bedroom, bathroom + laundry, TV-zone

And, of course, there is an attic here too. I decided that there can be a secluded area for relaxing and reading. And from the window a stunning view of the lake is opened so you can put a rocking chair and enjoy the contemplation of nature.

CC (included):

Roof beams by MsBarrows

Ceiling beams by Severinka

Dried herbs by Severinka

Rug by jomsims

Objects from Christmas set by Severinka

Pillows by Severinka

Книги by Severinka

Flowers from Flower market by

Alpine photo set by Ellle

San Orlando windows by Lilliebou

Flowers by MK

Hanging flowers by cliosims

Tableware and baskets by

Tapestries by Ellle

Flowers&leaves paintings

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