Lovely garden cottage

Date: 10/24/2015

Author: Ellle

Lot size :30x20

This is my old cottage which got a second wind I rebuilt it and made new decorations of the intherior and garden.

1 floor: living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom

2 floor: Bedroom, bathroom, laundry, living-room

Yard: fruit garden on the backyard and small vegetable and berry patches.

Custom content doesn't downloaded with the cpttage so you need to install it first and then install the lot.

Custom content:

Photoset "Under the rain" by Ellle

Murals with moss by Ellle

Box with flowers by Ellle

Damask pattern (on thу bed) by Ellle

Carpet pattern (plain) by Ellle

Seascapes by G.Dmitriev (part 4) by Ellle

Ted Dyer's seascapesby Ellle

Seascapes by G.Dmitriev (in massive frames) by Ellle

Flowers by Fasani by Ellle

Vases by Tankuz

Flowers for the wall by МК

Big rose floor flower by Cliosims

Flowers and orchids Tulle and lace tablecloth(kitchen decor and spices) by Darasims

Сhocolate liqueur and a glass ин Flovv

Shelves and tablewaretable lamps и ceiling lamp  by Dot

Small decoratopns by Simcredible: Inside my pursethree vasestray

Candles и bookspillows (2 types), vases by Severinka

Tea settea box by Aroundthesims3

Tea table by pocci

Pillows by Lulu265

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