Icelandic turf house

Date: 04/24/2016

Author: Ellle

Lot size :20x20

In continuation of the Icelandic theme, I decided to build a traditional house with a turf roof. It is a small house for a wild corner of Aurora Skies, which can be used as a summer residence.

In the house: 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, kitchen and living room.

A small terrace for relaxation was attached to the house.

The lot is small and wild and there is nothing except wild flowers and two beehives. So your sims can gether honey. Happy siming!

Custom content (packed):

  • Lupines by Suza
  • Photoset «Iceland» by Ellle
  • Murals "Islandia waterfalls" by Ellle
  • Grass roof by Ellle
  • Plant by ung999 
  • Tableware by buffsumm

Custom content (not packed):

  • Small decorations by Simcredible and Sandy (aroundthesims)
  • Grass by Aikea Guinea (files - packages: CAStable Grass - Cast away and CAStable  Grass OneTileShort)  Better to download at first!
  • Alpine photoset byEllle
  • Spring rug by Ellle
  • Rugs with fringe by Ellle
  • Ceiling lamps and cabinets by ShinoKSR's Sunshine kitchen

Thanx to all creators!

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