Sims Oktoberfest-2015

Date: 09.10.2015

Sims Oktoberfest-2015

Hello, friends!

As we promised, we are sharing the latest news from the life of our sims. Early in October we and our sims visited a completely new event.

01-02nd of October  we took part in the Oktoberfest at the invitation of our friends. Organizers - Star Promoters Sims, as always, had a terrific job for preparation: Vivi Roberts created the clothes and decorations for the holiday  and Liric Spring has built an entire world and many beautiful thematic lots for the holiday. We have also made a small contribution - created a small set of decorations "Oktoberfest". Each chose a lot for the celebration and made a  traditional Oktoberfest.

Sims Oktoberfest-2015

The celebration was attended by simmers with different sims from The Sims 3, Sims 4 Sim and even Sim 2. It is nice to see such a unity of different versions. Prior to the festival the competition "Miss Oktoberfest - 2015" has been organized . While all the female candidates were very nice and the winner became Iris Shutz Wolf. She received a special statuette.

And then there was a  gorgeous celebration - cheerful and stunningly colorful: with delicious food and drinks and dances ...

Thank you all  who joined and decorated this holiday! Vivi Roberts and Liric Spring - you are the best and separate thanks to you both! It was great party!

Well, what else to tell? See our album and many more pics here in community!

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Last comment for Art

Лиля, привет!

Рада, что ты присоединилась к ресторанному бизнесу))) Я уже тоже поиграла, правда, не свой бизнес, а просто ходили в ресторан. Лично у меня ничего не зависало. Заказывали по 2 раза блюда и всё принесли, включая напитки. Но, вот, что я заметила, касательно бизнеса в принципе. Тут он вообще занимает очень много времени. У моих пекарня, мы её активно развиваем. Я обязательно потом обо всем расскажу и покажу. Но работники зависают, это да. На многих приходится орать.

А вот за полезную информацию отдельное спасибо! Я этого не знала, покане сталкивалась. Очень пригодится на будущее! :D
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