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Golden lotus yoga-spa center

When the Sims 4 addition "Spa & Yoga" came out, I wanted to build something like this for the Sims 3 too. So I decided to implement ... ... conetent downloading with the lot and the other that you will need to download if desired. Custom content: Packed with the lot:: Murals «India» by Ellle Paintings and posters "Yoga" set by Ellle Bushes, spa décor, coffee bar by ...

Modified: 05/26/2016
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Indian murals

Here is a set of murals with views of India. Size - 3x4. Mesh by me.

Modified: 05/01/2016
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Islandia waterfalls murals

There is a set of murals with Islandia's waterfalls. 7 items in the set. Size - 4 slots.

Modified: 04/17/2016
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Murals with landscapes of Iceland

There is a set of murals with beautiful landscapes of Iceland. Size - 3x4 (a little bit lower then 3). Mesh is mine,

Modified: 03/16/2016
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Murals with cars

There are 5 murals in the set (4 slots). I made them especially for decoration of my Shiny land car dealership .

Modified: 02/24/2016
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Lovely garden cottage

... so you need to install it first and then install the lot. Custom content: Photoset "Under the rain"  by Ellle Murals with moss  by Ellle Box with flowers  by Ellle Damask pattern  (on thу bed) by Ellle Carpet pattern  (plain) by Ellle Seascapes by G.Dmitriev (part 4)  by Ellle Ted Dyer's seascapes by Ellle Seascapes by G.Dmitriev (in massive frames)  by Ellle Flowers by Fasani  by Ellle Vases  by Tankuz Flowers  for the wall by МК Big rose floor flower  by Cliosims Flowers and orchids   Tulle  and  lace tablecloth ,  (kitchen decor and spices)  by Darasims Сhocolate liqueur and ...

Modified: 10/24/2015
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Murals with flowers

This is a new addition to the theme "flowers under the rain" and simply flowers. There are 4 murals in the set. Size - 3х3. You can also look at the photo set  "Under the rain"  and still life photos  "Flowers under the rain" .

Modified: 08/11/2015
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Murals "Fairy world"

Set of murals "Fairy world. There are 7 murals in the set (4 slots). Mesh by Awen.

Modified: 06/06/2015
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Murals with moss

I love everything about mosses: paintings, murals, rugs. This amazing plant can be very beautiful. So I decided to create photo wallpapersset to decorate houses. There are 7 murals in the set (4 slots). Mesh by me.

Modified: 06/05/2015
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Murals with Shishkin paintings

... this it has an enormous range of stunning paintings devoted to the Russian forest in all its forms. For his set I chose not the most famous but stunning paintings of the 1890s, mainly depicting moss and forest jungle. This set consists of 5 pictures (4 cells).

Modified: 06/03/2015
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