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Lovely garden cottage

... frames)  by Ellle Flowers by Fasani  by Ellle Vases  by Tankuz Flowers  for the wall by МК Big rose floor flower  by Cliosims Flowers and orchids   Tulle  and  lace tablecloth ,  (kitchen decor and spices)  by Darasims Сhocolate liqueur and ... ... three vases ,  tray Candles  и  books ,  pillows  (2 types),  vases  by Severinka Tea set ,  tea box  by Aroundthesims3 Tea table  by pocci Pillows  by Lulu265

Modified: 10/24/2015
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Murals with moss

I love everything about mosses: paintings, murals, rugs. This amazing plant can be very beautiful. So I decided to create photo wallpapersset to decorate houses. There are 7 murals in the set (4 slots). Mesh by me.

Modified: 06/05/2015
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Japanese garden of contemplation

The idea to create a Japanese garden has long haunted me, so I decided to implement it. Lot type - Chinese garden was chosen specifically to appear the moodlet "Zen". The garden is divided into several areas: stone garden, dry creek, a tea house, waterfall. And I put some koi into the pond to make it more beautiful. Custom content Tea table,tea tray, sittings, gong from Kanto Garden Old fence and gate Japanese pine and stones  (though there aren't stones in the set I recolored round shrubs and they became fine stones with moss) Paving stones

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Ideas for building houses in The Sims 3. Chalet style

... different styles in interior and architecture and to transfer these ideas to build houses for their sims and not only. It was very interesting to plunge into the atmosphere, learn a lot... ... style has gained a special demand. Part 2. "How to build a chalet in The Sims 3”? Initially, we set a goal to build a chalet, using custom content only when it... ... author MsBarrows from thesimsresource. We carefully placed them under the roof and get a beautiful attic, where you can climb the ladder and built there, whatever you want....

Modified: 11/19/2014
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Invitation to the races

... sleep. And poor tired mommy went to the porch and began to eat. Again lying. And then layed down to sleep on the sofa. The house turned into a real bedlam! Of course! So many dogs ... But as soon as the puppies grown up a little, we have settled them ... ... finish somewhat simply so they went to the beach where they observed the stars and the sea. And then David read Sonya incredibly beautiful poem. Yes, and how without romantic kiss under the moonlight? True Moon was almost set) ) The sun began to rise but ...

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Golden pumpkin farm (New)

Golden Pumpkin cottage - is one of my favourite houses. I built it long ago for a competition.  But recently I decided to rebuild it, because we has a lot of interesting devices ... ... cellar Custom content: Flowers by  Clio Horse paintings Pattern from  Damask fabric collection (part 1) Decor from for  wine cellar  and  orchad Barrel with flowers Box with the flowers There are two files - with CC and not.

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All good things come to an end

... Not only not for her. Sonya cought the phone and called David. They talked not more than ten minutes and she ran out of the house. She passed by the dog's park where they liked to play with dogs and other owners and suddenly... Omg! It was an obsession!... ... washed her, then brushed fur and cropped her claws. The dog was very calm and then licked Sonya. And now Sonya saw what a beautiful dog it was! But very thin. However, because of the wool is was not particularly conspicuous. And suddenly something ...

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Wedding of Justine and Braden

... day of their wedding. Then I will not say anything, because you'll see all yourself. They arrived to the club.   - What a beautiful couple! - Yeah... - Ow.... where are my young days?         - Well... The official part is over? - Let's cut the ... ... sweetie! - Let's rock, sister! - And what is my wife doing there? - Rock!!! When the club closed, the company moved to the house of a young family where the party continued.     And we have a good hubby! He doesn't forget abou his wife. In order ...

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Journey to the waterfall

... picture. Generally, it should be said that the waterfall itself was a very picturesque place, but this evening it was especially beautiful. On the lakeshore David saw two wild horses and deer. They were peacefully nibbling grass. But the next moment they ... ... Dune stood on the porch and was very happy to see the owner) He patted him on the face and got in the car. But when leaving the house, he saw that Grace came from the corner of the house. At the sight of her Dune reared! And she pranced before him. It turns ...

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Meet Griselda

Griselda Pitkin, President of Gracetown Householders Association, was puzzled. The reason for this was an unusual morning incident. Griselda Pitkin, President of ... ... always there and no one has never built anything on it. In response, she smiled again and said, "No, you're wrong. This is a beautiful place as, indeed, the whole your city. " – What do you mean saying that? - Griselda said haughtily . - Honey,...

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Autumn leaf house

Autumn leaf cottage - is a house for sims who loves horses, takes a great interest in science and painting. 1 floor:  a living-room, a kitchen, a dining-room, a ... ... flowers Box with the flowers Calla lilies Other creators' works: Candles from NY set  by   Severinka Flowers by  aroundthesims3 Pots by  Maylin Flowers by  Clio CC was not packed with the lot!

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Sweet Browny Apartment

Sweet Browny Apartment was biult especially for Bridgetown. Lot size - 20х30. There are two floors. 1 floor : living-room, kitchen, laundry, bathroom. 2 floor : 2 bedrooms, bathroom, playroom, musical studio. There is also a garage.

Modified: 10/26/2012
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Villa Tropicana

... provided to neighbors would not sleep ever!   1st floor : kitchen, living room      2nd Floor : 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, laundry room      On the site : cocktail, Swimming pool.   During the construction I used the yellow roof of the pralinesims and its texture from the  Indian silk collection  (for the Orange bedroom)

Modified: 08/11/2012
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City mansion

This mansion was built especially for a family of three, but you can populate even more here. The house has 3 floors, not counting the basement. First floor - kitchen, living room, bedroom. Second floor - a nursery, bathroom, library, gym. Third floor - you can arrange anything. My character made here a musical room. There is also a garage on the lot. ...

Modified: 11/24/2011
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Villa Valentina

This is another beach villa for my town Victoria. Address - 290, Sandy drive. This lot is placed near Golden sand beach. A three-story house . Ground floor - this level is for economic purpose. Here there are: laundry, kitchen, pantry and room for a butler. First floor - a living room , divided into a recreation and dining area. Also there is a cloakroom on this floor. Second floor - 3 bedrooms (one for the masters and two for guests) and 2 bathrooms. On the lot 3 terraces - one with a pool in the backyard , the second - at the entrance, the third - with fountains at the base.

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Red brick mansion

1 floor:  a kitchen, a dining-room, a bathroom and a study 2 floor:   2 bedrooms, 1 nursery and 2 child's rooms, 2 bathrooms, music room On the lot:  a swimming-pool, a garage, a barbeque zone. I used my  barrels with flowers ,  boxes with flowers  and  Flowers&leaves  paintings, but I removed it all before packing the lot. So if you want them to decorate this lot, you can dowload them from our site by the links below.

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Villa Sargani

... kitchen + dining room, living room, bathroom 2nd floor: 2 bedrooms, bathroom, games area, laundry room In the area: pool, hot tub, BBQ + bar, 2-car garage Extras: This villa was built especially for my world Victoria Sunny Isle and was placed at 300, Sandy drve, on the beach there.

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Pineapple house

1 floor – kitchen and living-room 2 floor – bedroom, nursery,bathroom and laundry There are swimming pool, barbeque area and garage on the lot. Custom content: neon roof  by pralinesims

Modified: 03/21/2011
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Pistachio cream house

1 floor - living-room, kitchen, bathroom 2 floor - 2 bedrooms, nursery, another one living-room, bathroom On the lot there are parking for 2 auto and bbq zone and swimming-pool Roof by tammy_trauma from modthesims was not packed with the house. And considering that this author deleted all her creations from the site and I can't find this roof on my computer, I can offer you to download the similar roof by pralinesims .

Modified: 03/20/2011
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Strawberry mousse house

So, I continue building the beach in my new town. The next beach house called "Strawberry Mousse" (Strawberry mousse House). It is located on a lot of 25x25 (address 298, Sandy str.... ... will accommodate dogs) and toilet. On the 2nd floor - 2 bedrooms, bathroom, living room. There is a balcony.  Roof by pralinesims (packed with the house) , flowers by and fruit by Helen  (not packed with the house).

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