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Moonshine rugs

There is a set of soft rugs. Size - 5x4. 3 patterns and 30 swatches.

Modified: 11/24/2018
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November glow rugs

Here is a set of 4 soft rugs - 2 round (3x3) and 2 big square (5x4). All rugs are of matching colors and patterns. 15 color swatches. Happy simming!

Modified: 11/19/2018
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Rangoli rugs

..., Indian women spread on the ground patterns using colored sand, rice, rose and lotus petals. Thus the people of India attract the attention and favor of the gods. I really liked the idea of such patterns on the floor and I decided to make the curly rugs with  Rangoli patterns. Size - 2x2. Totally 8 recororable rugs: 4 (3 channels) and 4 (4 chfnnels).

Modified: 11/23/2016
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Big celtic rugs

There is a set of 4 big rugs with celtic patterns. Size - 4x4. Mesh is mine. Fully recolorable with 3 channels. All patterns selected by me and idea of composition is mine.

Modified: 08/19/2016
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Spring rugs collection set

There is a set of color rugs (7 recolors). Size - 4x4.

Modified: 06/05/2016
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Golden lotus yoga-spa center

When the Sims 4 addition "Spa & Yoga" came out, I wanted to build something like this for the Sims 3 too. So I decided to implement ... ... into two functional parts, what is very convenient. Read more about the sauna -  here . Large hall for yoga with functional rugs which helps to improve sport skills. Read more about the rugs -  here . 2nd floor: a juice bar - this is the usual coffee ...

Modified: 05/26/2016
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Egyptian patterns

There is a set of egyptian patterns which I created myself using original illustrations from a book about ancient Egypt. There are four pattern in the set: 4-channel and recolorable. So you can recolor them without any problem. They suit to rugs and curtains.

Modified: 09/12/2015
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Yoga and relax corner

... and yoga. Private porch, divided into several areas: Jacuzzi, relaxation area and an area for yoga. Attention! I found out that area with a jacuzzi was not moved with the room because it is on the lower level. So you need to place jacuzzi, floor and rugs yourself. Custom content: green carpet of a set of  "4 Seasons"  by Ellle

Modified: 07/19/2015
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Murals with moss

I love everything about mosses: paintings, murals, rugs. This amazing plant can be very beautiful. So I decided to create photo wallpapersset to decorate houses. There are 7 murals in the set (4 slots). Mesh by me.

Modified: 06/05/2015
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Spring rugs collection

There are 4 rugs in the set: 3 - with applications and 1 - without. Mesh by me.

Modified: 04/27/2015
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4 seasons carpets collection

This collection of fluffy carpets includes 4 items in colors of spring, summer, autumn and winter ground. Mesh by EA. Size - 4x4. Update 06/04/2016: after the latest update of the game I noticed that these rugs stopped working correctly so I fixed them and uploaded again. So please redownloaded this new file.

Modified: 04/22/2015
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Rugs for kids room

There are 4 recolourable rugs in the set: 3 with applications and one without. Mesh is mine. Size - 2x2.

Modified: 04/03/2015
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